A Game Plan for DSAers

We can’t create socialists on a mass scale simply by convincing people of better ideas. Rather, we have to create the conditions in which socialist ideas can thrive. That’s hard in a world where most workers have little experience of their collective power.

For socialist ideas to flourish, we need a movement where workers have a sense of their collective power and know how to use it. Historically, socialists have played key roles in building the mass workers’ movements that have changed the world. Many DSA members and chapters are already doing this work. DSA can create direct relationships with unions and workers who are looking to fight; these are the people we will learn from and who will transform our organization.


Building socialism requires a working class that can fight for it. Today’s working class has been disorganized by decades of demobilization and defeat. That’s why rebuilding working-class fighting capacity must be a top priority for socialists. The rank-and-file strategy is key to accomplishing this.